Tattoo & PMU Artist Educational Workshop

Date: 24.05.2023
Time: 9.30 – 12.30 CET
Language: English
Virtual attendance: The workshop will be visible as life stream to virtual attendees. However, during the workshop only on site attendees will actively participate in discussion and Q&A. 


The educational workshop for tattoo artists will interactively elaborate comprehensive scientific and medical knowledge on the subject of and around permanent tattoos together with international experts of various
sectors, including scientists, dermatologists, epidemiologists, tattoo artists and tattoo ink manufacturers.
This knowledge will be transformed into practical recommendations for tattoo & PMU artists in order to avoid adverse skin reactions of their customers and to protect them from harm as far as possible. The areas
covered are infections and hygiene, allergic and non-allergic adverse skin reactions to tattoo ink, chemical hazards of tattoo ink and aftercare, preventive measures, consequences of the EU tattoo REACH regulation
for tattoo artists, skin cancer identification, tattooists’ behaviour and tattoo studio equipment. 
Workshop participants will receive an ESTP certificate of attendance. 

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Dr. Milena Foerster (FRA)
Dr. Steffen Schubert (GER)

Clinical forms of complications

Dr. Marie Leger (USA)

Chemical hazards

Dr. Ines Schreiver (GER)
Dr. Milena Foerster (FRA)
Dr. Steffen Schubert (GER)

REACH alters ink processing

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Dirks (AUT)

Coffee break


Optimizing customers’ safety

Jens Bergström (SWE)
Prof. Dr. Christa De Cuyper (BEL)
Dr. Katrina Hutton Carlsen (DNK)



Closing remarks

Dr. Milena Foerster (FRA)
Dr. Steffen Schubert (GER)