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Branding and communication agency

As those who have been positioning brands for decades, calling the international tattoo industry by its first name and being in the front row of associations - they simply know their stuff. We know the harsh charm of the tattoo world and how to communicate honestly.

BHC & Tattoo Science

You practice rocket science - we write the instructions. Information design makes studies understandable, research results relevant, and that's how tattoos become safer and more beautiful.

BHC & Tattoo Industry

Matching brands for an unadjusted market. We find the special, sharpen the character, show the strengths and convince even critical customers.

BHC & Tattoo Studios

We see the art and set the scene. The brand creates the concise appearance and positions the art. So that the artist can do what he does best.

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Silver Sponsor

Wildcat was founded in 1989 and over the past 34 years has become a world leader in piercing jewelry and piercing and tattoo supplies through great innovations. Wildcat is present in many countries and operates numerous Wildcat stores.

Quality and safety, among other things, are the most important values of the company. Therefore, it is a matter of course for Wildcat to support national and international interest groups of the piercing and tattoo industry as well as various initiatives for many years. Among others Wildcat supports the Savethepigments initiative with experience and expertise and is a member of the ESTP and several other piercing and tattoo associations.

Wildcat already supported the last WCTP congress in 2021 as a sponsor and also this year the company is happy to support tattoo science and research as a sponsor.


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Bronze Sponsor

SKIN STORIES – Don’t let your stories fade.

Each tattoo tells an individual story a lifelong memory. To keep tattoos beautiful and sharp for as long as possible, leading scientists at Beiersdorf with skin care and wound healing expertise collaborated with tattoo experts to develop a care series especially for tattooed skin.

Our SKIN STORIES product range offers a complete tattoo care routine from after care, to daily care and sun protection. All SKIN STORIES products contain our unique InkGuard Technology® to prevent tattoo aging and thus fading of colors and contours

Because tattooed skin is a different story..

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